What to Include in a Post-Surgery Gift Basket

Do you have a friend coming home from the hospital after surgery? Time spent getting a medical procedure takes its toll on the body and mind, and when you finally get back to your life, you want to feel comforted before jumping into your routine 100%.

If you want to give something special while they are recovering, then this article is for you. Everyone loves a gift basket because it is curated with various gifts, usually with a theme. Your theme is post-recovery, and it’s time to put great gift baskets together for your loved one.

Need help? Here are some post-surgery gift basket ideas to get you rolling.

The Practical

Let’s begin by adding some items that deal with pain and healing. Surgery can cause discomfort, and your body uses its resources for recovery, so there will be additional aches and pain during this healing phase.

Here are some great things to help out:

Reusable Ice Packs


After surgery, there may be swelling, and an ice pack is perfect for decreasing pain and swelling.

Aloe Vera

This is a cure-all for skin irritations and post-operative wounds.

Lip Balm


Dry lips are never fun, so include a stick or two with natural ingredients.



Post-operative scars are a fact of surgery, but you can apply a natural moisturizer to keep the skin from drying out and protect it from the sun.

Heat Pack


This is the yang to the ice pack in, and after a few days of ice, heat reduces pain and relaxes the muscles.

Exercise Bands


Some surgeries require stretching, and different body parts, and exercise bands are convenient and portable.

Vitamin C Packs


These are quick shots of vitamin C that you add to water to boost your system.

The Soothing

Now that you have some practical items to start with your post-surgery basket, you can include things that soothe both the body and soul.

Aroma Therapy Heating Pad

This releases soothing essential oils as it heats up on the body.

Fuzzy Socks

Socks will keep you warm all night, and for help with blood circulation, you can get compression socks or stockings.

Adult Colouring Book

Some surgeries require you to stay in bed or on the couch as part of your recovery. Colouring is soothing as it takes your attention off the pain and onto creative expression.

Cozy Blanket

Most people after surgery would rather relax on the sofa than be stuck in a bedroom, so a cozy blanket will keep them warm and snuggly.

Herbal Tea

There is great teas that help you calm down and relax the body with warmth and flavour.


A new pair of soft PJs are helpful for someone in recovery after surgery. They provide warmth and protect the skin from irritation.

Healing Crystals

Ancient cultures from Egypt, China and Greece believed in the healing properties of crystals like amethyst, bloodstone, jasper, and clear quartz.

The Indulgence

Now that we have covered a few bases, it’s time to go for the home run. These items give pleasure and pamper you when you need them most.

Homemade Cookies

There is something about the freshness and taste of amazing homemade cookies.

Spa Package

If they can travel, give them a mini spa package that lets them forget about their surgery recovery for an afternoon filled with a massage, hair cut and facial.

iTunes Gift Card

This allows your loved one to buy music that soothes them.

Scented Candles

Pick up some natural soy candles to add wonder and warmth to your ailing friend. You can even personalize it with a printed sticker.

Fresh Honey

Honey is a trendy, natural gift that brightens a cup of tea. Choose honey that is flavoured by bees visiting fields of wildflowers and berries.

Streaming Subscription

Recovery can get boring, but if you are given the gift of streaming, your loved one can binge-watch their favourite tv show or movie series.


Chocolate is said to be the “food of the gods” and has been eaten for its medical benefits for millennia. It is proven to boost the immune system and increase lifespan.

Kids Post Surgery Basket

Adults aren’t the only ones who get surgery, so it’s a great gift for children. Think of all the fun stuff you could add to their basket while they are recovering at home. Include items like:

  • Video games
  • Comic books
  • YA novel
  • Candy
  • Stuffed Animal
  • Colouring pillow
  • Funny pyjamas
  • Activity sets like Lego
  • Puzzles

With all these ideas, it’s no wonder a gift basket makes the best present, especially for someone recovering from surgery. Take the time to build your post-surgery gift basket or go online to a company that curates them for you and delivers them across the nation and beyond. You will make a positive impact on their health with this unique gift.