SIX Amazing Effects of Lemon Water You Probably Didn’t Know About

As one of the most common fruits, lemons can also be one of the healthiest addition to your diet. With its refreshing scent and flavor, many people already love having lemon around, whether it is simply to smell or use in beverages or meal.

The Power of Lemon Water

Most people don’t realize, is the sheer amount of vitamin C that lemons have. The contents of a lemon have incredible immune boosting abilities and antiviral properties that promote good health. Ready to discover the true power of lemon water? Keep reading.

1. Use Lemon Water to Boost Your Immune System

As previously stated, lemons’ high levels of vitamin C are a great way to protect yourself from getting sick. This extra level of immune boosting goodness will help to fight any viruses or colds in the event that you do get sick. Additionally, the potassium contained in lemons help to stimulate nerve and brain function, as well as control your blood pressure.

2. Balance Your PH by Drinking Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water on a daily basis will help to reduce the body’s acidity. As one of nature’s more alkaline foods, lemon is incredibly efficient at regulating the body’s PH levels. Although lemons contain citric acid, once this acid is metabolized, it doesn’t add to the body’s acidity.

3. Lose Weight More Efficiently with Lemon Water

High in pectin fiber, lemons are a revolutionary way to satiate hunger cravings. The alkalinity in the body due to the lemon water is what will help the body fight off the effects of hunger, allowing you to feel fuller faster. Moreover, certain studies prove that people with an alkaline diet lose weight more efficiently.

4. Try Lemon Water for a Digestion Aid

Many health care professionals at the Digestive Center recommend that patients flush out toxins in their digestive system by drinking lemon water every day. The lemon juice encourages your liver to create bile, an acid needed for digestion. By regulating your digestive system, you can work to reduce any constipation and heartburn

5. Transform Your Body with Lemon Water as a Dieuretic

Drinking lemon water can be used to increase the body’s rate of urination. This will ultimately help in the purification process as your body tries to expel toxins. With a consistent diet of lemon water, you will find that your body is able to release toxins quite quickly, ensuring that your urinary tract is in perfect health.

6. Enjoy Clearer Skin as You Drink More Lemon Juice

The vitamin C in lemons really helps to improve skin that has been affected by blemishes and wrinkles. As the lemon water removes toxins from your blood, you’ll find that it helps to keep your skin clear. When lemon water is applied to scars directly, it can work to reduce their darkness and visibility.

Never underestimate the power of lemon water. As one of the healthiest fruits in nature, lemons have the power to greatly improve your health. Once you try out lemon water on a regular basis, you’ll be surprised by how much better you feel and look.