Multi-cursor in Notepad++

If you have Visual Studio, simply paste the json text into a new file and it will be formatted automatically. I usually resort to using this since my developer environment is reset from contract to contact. I just paste it into any .json, select all, copy, then undo. JSON Viewer works fine on np++ version 7.5.1, available in the plugin manager. I advise that you download the JSMin plugin for Notepad as mentioned in the answer. This works well for me in the latest version (v6.1.2 at time of writing).

Typing notes on your computer might make you look unfocused. Furthermore, the sound of the keyboard could be distracting—opt for a pen and paper instead. LinkedIn research will be your best friend here as it will give you an idea about what each person will talk to you about.

Notepad++ Themes: 12 Popular Themes For Notepad++

It is very important not to be late for the interview. “On time” means ten to 15 minutes early for an in-person interview and a few minutes early for a video interview. The best way to know if a job is right for you is to ask questions that will help you to get an idea of whether it will be a good fit.

  • Open the saved HTML file in your favorite browser (double click on the file, or right-click – and choose “Open with”).
  • It’s important to communicate that your actively listening, engaged, and excited about the opportunity.
  • To convert a text file to a sheet, you can use the Open utility in Excel.

Having a formal business discussion over the telephone is not natural for many people. Take the time to make sure that you properly prepare. A typical interview concludes with an opportunity for you to ask questions of the interviewer.

Graphic Design Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

Increase by will change the step between numbers. With a value of 0 , it will insert the same number every time. The Number to Insert will insert increasing numbers.Initial number sets the starting number. Truly, other ways to enter column-mode exist, e.g. try Alt+Shift+PageDown, but knowing the intricacies of these – what works and what doesn’t – takes some really specialized knowledge. If you know a scripting language like AWK, PERL, Python, etc. you should use it. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.

This website has many other features, including output formats like CSV, XML, and HTML. If you created a data file using Excel, you can use the following steps to convert the file to pipe-delimited text file. If this is your first time creating a file you may need to configure your computer to use the ‘|’ character, rather than a comma, when converting the file. So, you’d need to open the .txt file in Excel, select the data and convert it into a Table.