Is Your Gut Gluten and Lactose Intolerant? Top 6 Ways To Deal With It


Every day, we treat our mouth with exotic and moreish beverages whether we are at home or any restaurant irrespective of the damage they might introduce to our body. Dairy forms an indispensable part of our daily diets.

We all consume milk in some form, but for the people who face gluten and lactose intolerance, it is essential that they be careful of the foods and drinks they are consuming. To manage your gluten and lactose intolerance in the right manner, start following the below-given advice right away.

1. Opt for Lactase


Lactase is an enzyme that helps in the digestion of whole milk. If you are dealing with lactose intolerant, then your body definitely lacks a sufficient level of lactase. Adequate prevalence of lactase also fosters the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. You should opt for a lactase supplement that assists your digestive system in the absorption of the nutrients present in the body, and do away with lactose intolerance.

2. Calcium and Vitamin K rich Diets


People who are used to consuming foods and drinks that lack enough calcium, and vitamin K suffer from gluten intolerance. This problem can be overcome with fortified beverages including orange juice, and coconut. Also, you should be aware of the foods and drinks that we consume every now and then, and which contain lactose. Having such information on fingertips will render you with great relief and get the better of gluten and lactose intolerance.

3. Probiotics


Several studies have proved that diet supplementation with probiotics can ameliorate the negatives impact set about by lactose intolerance in the body. Once you start taking probiotics, proceeds slowly and cautiously as the body will take time to gain tolerance to lactose. It is also vital that your body possess nutrients that absorb biotics out and out so that probiotics serve their desired function.

4. Limit Dairy Consumption

We all can invite better health and living conditions by limiting the consumption of all types of foods. Since dairy contains a considerable amount of lactose, it is essential that you cut the number of dairy products that you usually take. Instead of taking an entire dairy product at any point, opt for taking multiple small portions of the same product. Knowing the amount of lactose that the concerned people can consume serves as great advice.

5. Fermented Dairy Products


Although dairy products are the ones that cause most of the discomfort triggered by gluten intolerance, taking fermented dairy products can solve this health problem to a remarkable extent. Probiotics foods are rich in minerals and vitamins that boost the digestive system to tolerate both gluten and lactose and absorb biotics efficaciously.

6. Consult with Your Doctor


When we are uncertain of the symptoms that our body sustains, or when self-administration does not yield the desired results, we often knock at the door of a doctor. Hence, if you have been following all the above mentioned methods to get the better of your lactose intolerance, but do not see any significant result, then it is advisable to visit a medical professional. The essential information shared by a doctor serve as a helpful guide to the people facing lactose intolerant and helps them manage their health aptly.

If followed religiously, all this information will put your health on the right track and let you savor the beverages you crave for.