9 Fun Facts About Vaping and Its History

You may have already heard about the greatness of the vaping industry. Almost 7 out of 10 smokers have been struggling to quit the habit with no success until they tried vaping. The industry has grown substantially in the past ten years, boasting massive sales thanks to the different shapes, sizes, and flavours. 

Here are nine fun facts about vaping: 

Fun Vaping Fact #1: Vaping History 

The vaping history can be traced back to the early 2000s when a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, developed the first e-cigarette. Lik developed a gadget that imitated the standard cigarette in 2003, although it was first used and introduced to the commercial world in 2004. 

As the years proceeded, Hon Lik’s invention spread to other parts of the globe, including Spain, the US, the UK, and others. Today, vaping has become the most popular way of consuming tobacco and nicotine-filled products for many past smokers and beginners. 

Fun Vaping Fact #2: Health Benefits 

While vaping may host some health complications, the impact may not be as significant as that of cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain few chemicals and flavourings, making them more favourable than standard tobacco cigarettes, ranging from 5000 to 7000 toxic chemicals. 

Adopt the recommended styles and habits to keep your body safe while vaping. Avoid informal vaping, such as sharing a single device with friends, and remain cautious with whatever substances you add to the main juice. You may also limit your consumption by using a disposable vape, turning your regular vaping habit into a casual, irregular activity instead.

Fun Vaping Fact #3: Nicotine is the Main Thing

There have been misconceptions that e-cigarettes contain different liquids besides nicotine, which is the main one for vapers. That’s a lie! E-cigarettes come with reasonable amounts of nicotine, often labelled on the outer part of many devices to avoid contradictions.

Unlike other toxic nicotine or substances found in regular cigarettes, nicotine doesn’t have that much toxicity to the human body. Vapers should purchase from a trusted dealer for the best nicotine levels and samples. 

Fun Vaping Fact #4: Young Adults Are the Fans 

It has been nearly impossible to find young adults embracing traditional cigarettes because vaping has won a spot in their hearts. According to statistics, young individuals aged between 15 to 17 years are likely to vape ten times more than those aged 25 to 35. 

Such statistics put vaping on the top line against other tobacco devices or products. Experts have associated the assortment of flavours and availability of great device styles with the rising number of young vapers, among other factors. 

Fun Vaping Fact #5: Vaping Can Be Addictive 

Like any other nicotine substance, vaping can be significantly addictive, especially to uncontrolled users. While helping many people to quit smoking, the users might get addicted along the way if they vape beyond the recommended levels. 

Experts advise vapers to consume the products at least twice or thrice a week to keep their lungs and entire body healthy. Whenever you experience any adverse effects of vaping, consult a doctor for further examination. 

Fun Vaping Fact #6: Vaping Shouldn’t be Allowed on Kids and Pets 

One of the greatest mistakes vapers can make is leaving their vape gadgets unattended within reach of children and pets. E-cigarettes contain nicotine that might be more powerful for minors than young adults. 

Additionally, regardless of how cool it may appear to enjoy a vaping session or two with your favourite pet, the idea remains unadvisable for their safety and health. Therefore, vapers should keep their devices away from reach by children and pets. 

Fun Vaping Fact #7: An Assortment of Designs and Flavors

Another fun fact about vaping is that vapers can enjoy various flavours from differently-designed gadgets. For instance, you can want a blow from a vape pen, mod, pods, and other devices in different styles. 

The vaping devices boast unique features such as battery capacity, adjustability, and user-friendliness. Furthermore, you can be assured of enjoying multiple vape flavours, including strawberry, dessert, vanilla, candy, bacon, pizza, citric, and menthol. 

Fun Vaping Fact #8: Vaping Techniques 

One of the most enjoyable things about vaping is that fans can learn different techniques and even compete with their peers. Some ideal vaping plans include making O-rings, the waterfall, dragon, bull ring, atomic bomb, ghost inhale, vapour bubbles, and jellyfish. Vapers can enjoy different e-liquids while creating outstanding social bonds with friends through the above vaping styles. 

Fun Vaping Fact #9: Benefits of Vaping Over Cigarette Smoking

Vaping boasts plenty of benefits compared to cigarette smoking, including: 

  • They are slightly safer than the latter, posing fewer health issues. 
  • Vaping doesn’t produce unpleasant odours that can discomfort users and other people around them, as experienced with cigarettes. 
  • Vaping has many flavours on different devices, making the experience more enjoyable. 
  • The price of vaping gadgets and related essentials is significantly lower than that of cigarettes, hence more affordable. 

While vaping isn’t the only way to overcome smoking, it has been scientifically proven to be a great choice as you seek to advance. Remember to purchase your vaping essentials from a trusted dealer to achieve the best out of your investment.