7 Ways to Make Your House Stay Clean Longer

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No matter if you are dealing with commercial cleaning, or you just clean your place every day, there are things you should definitely know. If you do not really enjoy cleaning or you have no time, there are small tricks as well, thanks to which your place will shine every day. If you do not want to spend too much time on basic cleaning, it is necessary to keep up-to-date with small rules that will make it clean and neat all the time. We all understand that the fast pace of life makes it almost impossible to devote your time to your house or apartment, unless it’s your job to clean, so it is quite necessary to be practical in this aspect, as well as in all other aspects of life. Make sure to read our list of ways to make your house stay clean longer and apply all these pieces of advice in your everyday cleaning. You will be thankful!

  1. Everything has its place in your house

Keep in mind that everything in your home has its place. Learn this and make sure that you return each thing to the place every time you use it. In this way, you will prevent accumulation of things and creating confusion.

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  1. Get rid of unnecessary things

If you have less stuff, you will have less disorder. Find out what you have not used in the past two years, except for some precious pieces you have inherited, and get rid of unnecessary things.

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  1. Take off your shoes before entering the house

Taking off your shoes in front of your house or apartment can be a bit unusual practice, but it will prevent dirt from entering the house. By doing so, you will not have to vacuum all the time. And yes, it would also be desirable to clean the paws for pets before letting them go inside.

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  1. Get a doormat

Place a doormat in front of the entrance door where you or your guests can easily wipe the shoes off. Even if you are planning to take them off, it’s better to wipe them off first.

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  1. Do not leave windows long open

When cleaning your house, make sure that the windows do not stay too long open, otherwise the dust will start to accumulate easily.

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  1. Get a manual vacuum cleaner

This is a fantastic thing that will save your time. With it, you don’t need to bother with a big vacuum cleaner every time for a couple of crumbs. The manual vacuum cleaner is an investment that is very cost-effective.

  1. Make sure to always eat in the right place

It is important that you have a single place where you will be eating your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, no matter if it’s a kitchen, a dining room or a living room. By making it a regular place for eating, you will not have to bother with food that’s all over the place. In this manner, you should also teach your children, or anyone else you share your place with.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash