7 Prerequisites on How to Be an AI Developer

Our world is currently in the midst of a technological revolution, the likes of which we have not seen before. From our personal hobbies, to the arrangement of the workplace, tech has made a substantial impact. It all comes down to the rise of artificial intelligence, or, colloquially, AI.

You may be asking yourself how AI has been integrated into many areas of our lives so easily. To answer this question, it would be wise to look into an AI developer’s life. It is an occupation that is extremely worthwhile.

As AI increasingly defies our preconceptions of society, the need for developers will also rise. The possibilities for AI and AI chatbot technology can be very exciting in the long run. To make things sound even better, there is a developer job for virtually anyone who wants one!

Here are seven prerequisites on how to be an AI developer:

1. Education

To get into the field of tech, you’d usually be advised to obtain a degree in an applicable area. There are many options to pursue here, such as computer science or information technology. Having foundational knowledge in any of these areas will come in handy, especially for theoretical purposes.

However, the great thing about becoming an AI developer is that a degree may not be compulsory. The internet is a treasure trove of resources, each of which can provide you with the necessary developer skills. Once you have acquired these skills, build a digital presence. Then, you can start showcasing your development prowess!

2. Equipment

Having the right equipment is an essential prerequisite how to be an AI developer. Most AI developer jobs will have you working on a computer of some kind. You simply cannot conduct this type of work without the requisite equipment on hand. As such, the kind of tech you’ll need to acquire will vary depending on your needs. For starters, an up-to-date laptop will be key.

The specs on this laptop, or alternative computer, will also have to be retrofitted accordingly. AI in development will require a highly-functioning GPU and CPU. When in doubt, always go for the most recent iteration of a computer. You should be able to update its specs down the line, if you have to.

3. Mathematics

A competent AI developer will also have to be very adept at their arithmetic skills. Most experts will recommend that you get acquainted in the areas of linear algebra, for starters. Once you are comfortable, move on to other, more complex areas such as algorithm theory.

It might seem intimidating, especially if you are not as skilled in math as a fellow developer. However in time, topics such as quadratic programming and numerical analysis will become muscle memory! The key here is to simply practice each and every day. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to understand concepts quite easily.

4. Programming Languages

Once coupled with the applicable mathematical frameworks, a bit of web development will kick in. Prospective AI developers will have to get familiar with one or multiple programming languages. As long as you know the fundamentals of at least one, you should be good to go in finding a job.

There are multiple languages that you can also choose from. The most popular ones are Java and C++, both of which are used to develop some truly intuitive projects. For the most modern and recommended one to choose, however? Python, which is heralded as a revolutionary language used in current AI development.

5. Big Data

Rounding out the trifecta of essential skills is the area of big data. AI developers will, most of the time, work with large quantities of data. These humongous volumes of data can be quite sizeable, and sometimes come in by the terabytes. To manage this quantity of data, various tools will be needed.

Thankfully, big data technologies, such as Apache Spark, can aid a developer in working through a project. You are not limited to just one tool as well, as Hadoop or Cassandra are great alternatives to use. Tech doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems; there are a ton of tools available!

6. Communication

Soft skills are some of the most vital skills an AI developer can have at their disposal. When trying to disseminate information to a team, you’ll need to know how to convey your thoughts. In addition, problem-solving skills will be vital, since decoding AI bugs on the job is a common scenario.

7. Career Path

The occupation of AI development is so wide-ranging, that you have multiple routes to pick from! From a develop to an architect, AI grants the individual to work in varying avenues. Data science is a very popular career path at the moment, and is chosen by many. Do your research, and you’ll eventually find the one best suited for your professional goals.