7 Deep Tissue Massage Benefits for Your Health and Comfort

Everyone who has ever experienced irritating pain and soreness knows how advantageous massages can be. With a qualified professional at the helm, any areas on your body can be worked on with expertise. Sometimes, the physical benefits may be instantaneous, while, at other times, it may not be.

If this is a case of the latter, you may want to try your hand at receiving a deep tissue massage. Essentially, these are a stronger form of the traditional massage, with deeper strokes and more pressure. As you have probably guessed, there are several benefits to receiving one, in comparison to a regular massage.

Here are seven of the best deep tissue massage benefits:

Benefit #1: Pain Reduction

Pain reduction is one of the best deep tissue massage benefits. With a deep tissue massage, the extent of this pain can be mitigated further. As long as you have a professional who knows what they are doing, the treatment can be advantageous. Deep tissue massage therapy targets specific areas that are the basis of chronic pain.

For instance, if you have experienced consistent lower back pain, deep tissue massages may be practical. For instance, there may be tightened tissue clusters that can only be relieved from an enhanced massage. Once you have gotten one, your body will be free of those nagging pains!

Benefit #2: Pregnancy

For pregnant women that are soon expecting, deep tissue massages prior to their delivery can be immensely helpful. To help mitigate the pains that may be experienced while in labour, these massages can assist in relaxation. In addition, it can ease any potential muscle pains that could hurt the body during delivery.

While one deep tissue massage may be useful, multiple massages prior to the delivery date can be better. The positive effects will be noticeable while in labour, and there has been research conducted to substantiate the claims. To add on to this, some women experienced much less pain throughout the entire process!

Benefit #3: Lowers Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a common condition for those of us who are older. As such, there are a myriad of ways in which you can lower your blood pressure. However, one of the most uncommon routes to go is to take a deep tissue massage. Not only do they help in reducing tension within your body, but the chemical benefits are evident too.

Deep tissue massages help in the production of serotonin, which helps in the promotion of happiness. It doesn’t just stop there; deep tissue massages can positively affect multiple areas concerning blood pressure. As it turns out, the internal benefits are just as significant as the external ones.

Benefit #4: Arthritis

When someone’s bodily aches and pains become persistent, a traditional massage may not be as practical. This is because, for an individual with arthritis, the pain constantly outweighs the massage’s benefits. With a deep tissue massage, the hampering effects of arthritis can be effectively worked on.

Say, for instance, you are having issues with the various joints in your body. Joint pain can actively be worked on via a deep tissue massage. After regular sessions with your registered massage therapist, this will inevitably make it much easier for you to move around again, without the debilitating stiffness.

Benefit #5: Better Sleep

If joint pain is the basis for obstruction in movement, your sleep will undoubtedly be affected. Not being able to sleep properly each night will not only affect your body, but your mind’s ability to function.

Deep tissue massages can both alleviate you of your joint pain, allowing you to get a better night’s worth of sleep!

Benefit #6: Injury Recovery

Professional athletes know all too well about just how much damage their bodies take overtime. To counteract the effects of this damage, deep tissue massages are often necessary. You don’t have to be a professional to receive one either; they assist anyone who lead active lifestyles.

Muscles can constantly be injured in an active sport, causing the athlete to take significant time off. To expedite recovery, deep tissue massages will be used as part of the rehabilitation process. Preventing muscle fatigue, as well as removing toxins from the body, are the result of receiving the massage.

Benefit #7: Stress Relief

Above all else, receiving a deep tissue massage can be a huge stress reliever. Our bodies react in a positive way via touch, when aches are actively being worked on. Chemically speaking, cortisol levels, which are the basis of stress, are lowered to manageable levels. Your body can truly relax after a session!

Deep tissue massages have a significant leg up on their traditional counterparts. The added pressure assists your body in multiple ways, both physically and mentally. The most important thing to remember here is to go for multiple massages, instead of just a single one. Then, your body will inevitably feel brand new!