6 Tips for Fixing Large Cracks in Walls

No matter where you find yourself living, there are a ton of ways in which your home can become damaged. In some cases, the harm done can be as minor as you’d like it to be. These types of damages, such as scratches in your hardwood flooring, can be taken care of easily. Some damages, however, will require a more meticulous approach.

The walls in your home are especially prone to damage, either directly or indirectly. For example, large cracks may form in the wall. These large cracks are unsightly and pose a danger to your quality of living. Fortunately, fixing large cracks in walls is possible with DIY expertise. You can repair the cracks quickly with as little time as possible.
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Here are six tips for fixing large cracks in walls:

1. Minor Wall Crack Repair

Some of the biggest cracks in your wall may just be minor in terms of appearance. They will not have penetrated too deeply in terms of making quite the dent in the wall. This means that you will have to deal with a surface crack, and the repair job can be pretty simple to do.

First, take a utility knife, and dig a little bit outwards from the crack to see how far the crack has gone. Generally speaking, if it does not look like an issue, you can grab some joint compound. Fill the large crack with the material, and swipe across it with your knife. Allow it to dry, and you have then conducted a simple repair job!

2. Deep Wall Crack Issues

While most of us would like the previous crack to be it, other types of damages can be incurred. Case in point, the crack may be large enough to have gone deeper in multiple ways. This means that it is more than just a surface area problem to deal with visually.

To fix this type of large crack, grab your joint compound and utility knife once again. Scrape away any tape from the drywall protruding outwards to make the surface neat. Apply the joint compound, and ensure it is filled to the brim, with no gaps in the crack. Follow the same process as before, and you should be good to go.

3. Nail Pop Cracks

In homes with tons of nails inside the drywall, you should expect some sort of issue to come to light eventually. Should the nails and drywall be old, you may come to find that a large crack has formed as a result. These cracks may require a different approach to keep things relatively smooth.

First, use your utility knife to pull the nail out of the drywall. Now, once the large crack is directly in your view, you can use several techniques to rectify it. The easiest one involves simply replacing the old screw with a new one and ensuring it is secure inside. This will then secure the drywall again, to which the crack can be taken care of.

4. Wall Corner Cracks

The other area in your walls may fall victim to large cracks in the corner. Wall corners are more prone to damage over time, especially if exposed in a trafficked area. Should a crack form here, you may or may not have to take a different approach. Take a look at the corner bead, the outer drywall corner.

If it appears dented, torn, or disjointed in some fashion, you will have to carefully scrape it off in a neat fashion. Then, take your joint compound, and make sure to fill in the corner gaps as you normally would. If the corner bead is damaged extensively, use a saw to scrape off a large section and fill in the cracks more thoroughly. To prevent further damages, please install metal corner guards on your walls.

5. Cord Issues in Walls

Sometimes, the large cracks you are trying your best to resolve can put you in a precarious situation. For example, the drywall you are contending with may be directly in front of some electrical cords. It is in your best interest to be very careful with whatever approach you are going with. The last thing you need is to become harmed in this process.

6. Professional Wall Repair

One of the worst aspects of fixing a large crack in your home is exposing a large problem. Drywall can usually be taken care of without much issue if you have the right materials for the job.

However, if you find that the large crack is a symptom of a bigger problem, call in the right experts for support. These professionals will be able to take care of the entire problem so that your walls can be bolstered once again!