6 Most Efficient Tips to Pack Your Delicate Electronic Devices While Relocating


We live in an era where we place the importance of electronic equipment the highest. A well-settled family or a bunch of youngsters living together is sure to have a lot of electronic devices at their home and moving them won’t be easy. Fret not as we will be elaborating some pivotal points to be needed while you move that favorite PlayStation or the 52-inch TV screen you love.

1. Get packing substances

Packing boxes

Thick cardboard boxes, bubble wrap (try not to finish them off by playing with it), packing tape, Markers (pens and pencils aren’t of great use with boxes) and PVC tapes are some of the packaging materials. Make sure that you have these things with you while packaging electronics items.  These are mostly followed by all packing companies too as they pack your electronic items and if you don’t intend to do it yourself.

2. Disconnect the devices properly


This is one of the most pivotal steps as you should not forget to switch the devices off and disconnect them properly. Else, it could affect while you move into your new place and want to connect them. This includes damage of saved games, saved data in any of these devices. There would be special instructions to be followed for most of them and if you can’t find it at the last minute, worry not. Most of these company manuals are available online for downloading.

3. Click pictures of these items before you pack them


You know why this is necessary to be done and especially so if packers and movers are involved. The need for it is immense as it will help you to connect all your devices the way they were. This means, clicking pictures with their cables on is needed too.

4. Keep all the accessories in their respective boxes

phone box

Every electronic device comes with a lot of accessories these days and does have their own boxes and packets for it too. This is mostly given to you while you purchase it by reminding you of its importance while packing and moving. Imagine not giving the time for this process and having to search for all the cables from one huge pile of them. That would surely be a nightmare for all you electronic junkies. Matco movers make it a point to take this step very seriously.

5. Check the temperature of the device while packing

Electronic devices like TV and laptops tend to heat up while they are being used continuously for hours. This is the reason why their temperature has to be checked and has to reach the room temperature before it’s packed into their respective boxes. If you are in doubt about the heating part, do check the manual or with the Packers before you do it yourself.

6. Create an inventory list

Create a list of all the components that are inside every box. Write them on a plain white paper with a marker and stick on it on top of the boxes. As you unpack, it becomes easier to assemble them back and check if every single cable wire and other accessories are in it.

We have compiled this list keeping the most basic needs in mind and we hope this comes of use to you. Happy and safe moving!