6 Best Tips To Pack Heavy Items For Moving

Do you really need to pack and move all your heavy items?

No one ever said that packing and moving were easy. It basically means several hours of backbreaking, exhausting and laborious work. This is especially true when it comes to the packing of large items. However, with the right kind of preparation, you can pack large and heavy items properly in the least amount of time. Here we’re going to share with you six tips that can help in packing and moving heavy items. Let’s get started:

#1. Do you really need to pack and move all your heavy items?

Do you really need to pack and move all your heavy items?

The very first thing that you need to consider is… whether you really need to pack and move all your heavy items or not. Because remember, the more your heavy items, the costlier it will be to move them. Ask your moving company to calculate the cost of moving with and without heavy items. If selling the items and then purchasing the new ones in your new destination makes more economic sense, then maybe you’ll be better off doing that.

#2. Collect the right packaging material

Collect the right packaging material

For heavy items that you must move the right packaging material is the first necessity. Your boxes should be stronger (made of sturdy cardboard), they should have thick padding, and for fragile items, you may also need some plastic or wooden crates. High-quality packing tape is also necessary to keep the boxes tightly closed.

#3. Prepare the right type of boxes

Prepare the right type of boxes

Once you’ve collected the packing material mentioned above, the next step is to prepare the right type of packing boxes. For appliances and electronics, you’ll usually have their own boxes in which they came packed, but for other large and heavy stuff, you may have to prepare some boxes yourself.

To get started, ensure that the boxes that you’re using are not damaged from anywhere. Reinforce the bottom of every box with strong packing tape and apply the padding inside, if necessary. Some large items (i.e. furniture, wardrobe etc.) may not necessarily be packed in the boxes, so you’ll have to wrap them either into some layers of cardboard or into some layers of padding.

#4. Prepare the items

Prepare the items

The next step is to prepare the items for moving. If an item can be disassembled into smaller pieces, do that. Fix the trays of the refrigerator inside it with tape. Lock down your wardrobes, and also empty them if suggested by your movers. Empty the storage beds, and load their stuff into smaller boxes. Unplug the electronic items.

#5. Packing the furniture

If your beds, sofas and other furniture can be disassembled, then disassemble them and wrap them into layers of cardboard. Pull out the drawers to make tables lighter, and protect fragile pieces of furniture with protective layers of soft clothing/paper.

Cover remaining pieces of furniture into thick furniture blankets, but do not allow any packaging tape to come into direct contact of furniture’s surface. If that happens the glue of tape may leave stains on the furniture.

#6. Packing large appliances

Packing large appliances

Large appliances like refrigerators, TVs, dishwashers, washing machines etc. usually come with their own packaging that can be used to pack them safely. If you have lost the boxes of some of them then try to acquire the boxes from somewhere else. You can also ask your movers to arrange some of those boxes for you. Once you get them, use them to pack your large appliances.


So these were the six tips that can help you in packing and moving large appliances. However, keep in mind that these tips are not the substitutes to professional packers and movers. The nature and build of every heavy item vary depending on its construction, and that’s why you should always have professional packers and movers i.e. Matco movers on your side to help you with packing and moving of heavy appliances.