6 Best Summer Jobs Where You Get to Travel

Traveling around the world is something that everyone should experience, but unfortunately, not everyone gets that opportunity. However, nowadays, there are many things to do, in order to get to travel a little bit. Besides student internships, various exchange programs, there are also many jobs that will enable you to visit some countries abroad. This is the reason why we wrote an article about the best summer jobs where you get to travel, as we firmly believe that summer is the best time of the year to travel a little bit. This is definitely something that you should experience, and especially when it comes to people who want to move abroad at one point, as they should experience the life abroad a little bit before they decide to settle somewhere. For that purpose, it would also be quite useful to check out the movers Edmonton. Anyway, don’t forget to read our list, but if you strive to read some firsthand experiences, you should not skip the discussions on Reddit and Quora, as they offer much additional information, which is definitely useful for future summer expats. Let’s start!

  1. WWOOFing

Have you ever heard of WWOOFing? This stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. In short, those are specialized programs where you work on organic farms, and you may choose among many countries, including New Zealand or Germany.

  1. Hostel Jobs

Believe it or not, if you don’t mind working in a small hostel, there are many of those worldwide that will accept foreign workers only during the summer. If you like the sea, you may choose those located on the beaches, so you may combine both; work and pleasure!

  1. Au Pair or Nanny

This is one of the most popular jobs for people who want to work and travel. If you come from an English-speaking country, you will have lots of chances to find a family from Europe or Asia will to hire you. They usually search for someone to teach their children English, so this is an excellent opportunity!

  1. Travel Writing

Well, this is not just something that you decide to do one day, and immediately, you have a hundred opportunities. But, if you are a talented writer, with a bit of patience, it may come true. You just need to be persistent when it comes to networking, contacting editors of various magazines and sending them your texts.

  1. Construction Jobs

European countries, and especially Germany, are in a constant need for seasonal construction workers. Of course, you need to have certain skills or a bit of experience in order to apply for one of these. Be prepared to work a lot, but also to travel, meet new people, cultures, languages, and many other new things.

  1. English Teacher

Being an English teacher abroad is one of the most popular jobs among young native English speakers, so make sure to check out whether you are an eligible candidate for this. In order to become one, you don’t need a degree, but a simple TEFL certification, which can easily be done online. Some of the possible countries where you can travel are Korea, Japan, Russia, Italy, Brazil, or exotic Thailand.



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