5 Easiest European Countries to Get Work Visa

Have you ever thought of working in Europe? If you have, then this article might be of your huge interest, as we are going to deal with the easiest European countries to get a work visa. Many people from Canada or North America decide to move to Europe, for the purpose of working. For some of them, that process appears to be quite easy, as they just got lucky to find employers willing to give them a try. On the other side, some of them struggle daily with many things, including choosing the right country on this continent. It’s never easy and it’s definitely not the same for everyone. For example, it’s not the same for a single thirty-year-old person, with a university degree to apply for jobs, without having to think of many things that a family person with three kids has to take into consideration. But, with this list, you will at least be able to filter certain things or to reduce the number of countries that you need to explore further, in order to check whether they are suitable for you or your family. Otherwise, if you simply want to move across your country, you might just call movers Toronto – but please, read the list of easiest European countries to get work visa first.

  1. Denmark

Can you believe that Denmark has an unemployment rate of 6% and an average salary around €3,095? This is definitely one of the main reasons that make it so attractive to foreigners and knowing that it’s not hard to get the work visa should definitely make you put the country on your list.  This is especially relevant if you hold a degree and are qualified in natural sciences, engineering, medicine, psychology or architecture.

  1. Germany

Germany is a very suitable country when it comes to employing foreigners, and if you are one of them, you should know that there are the programs of general employment, employment for specialists and professionals and self-employment. Get to know more about them and see which one suits you best!

  1. Austria

Similarly like Germany, Austria also has many different programs for employing people from abroad, and you will definitely fit into one of them. Just to make you more curious, this country has the unemployment rate of 5.8% and an average salary of €2,094. Sounds great, right?

  1. Luxembourg

One of the smallest countries in Europe is also one of the richest and one of the best when it comes to working conditions. You should know that, if you are a university degree holder, with relevant experiences in fields like IT, medicine or natural sciences, the chances to get the job are enormous, so start looking for possible employers!

  1. Switzerland

This country is a dream country for most of the people from abroad, including people who live in other European countries. The reason is simple; it’s the country with the best living standards so far. People here live with the average salary of €4,786 and unemployment rate of 3.3%. The interesting fact is that the fifth of the population of this country are foreigners, so the chances are pretty much high!


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