10 Highest Paid Lawyers and Legal Jobs

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If you have always dreamt of becoming a lawyer, or doing any other job related to legal issues, make sure to read our list and learn more about the highest paid lawyers and legal jobs. However, you should definitely be aware of the fact that becoming a lawyer is not an easy thing, as it requires lots of hard work, studying, and dealing with different cases. On the other side, having a degree in legal fields will provide you with lots of opportunities in your life, and you will also get to earn a lot, which is, we guess, one of the most important aspects. You can become one of those malpractice lawyers, or a divorce lawyer, even a judge, or you can work for any kind of company that requires having a person in charge of their legal stuff. What you should remember is the fact that you will not be paid the same in all these different fields, and if money is your motivation, choose your field and interests after reading this list. We bring you the highest paid lawyers and legal jobs. We got some of the crucial information from the Balance. Let’s start!

  1. Trial Lawyers

The average annual salary for trial lawyers is around $133,470, and you should definitely take this one into consideration when choosing your field.

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  1. Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual property laws are in charge of protecting patents, copyrights, trademarks and other profitable concepts, and the average annual salary in this case is $143,000.

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  1. Tax Attorneys

Tax issues bother both individuals and companies, and tax attorneys help both categories to go through this nightmare, being the reason why their average annual salary is $189,000.

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  1. Employment and Labor Attorneys

Employment and labor attorneys are crucial when it comes to relationships between employers and employees, and the average salary goes around $90,000 a year or more.

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  1. Real Estate Attorneys

When people buy real estate, these attorneys review offers and contracts and make sure that buyers get fair deals. Their average annual salary is around $149,000, and they are definitely among highest paying in the field.

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  1. Chief Legal Officers

Chief legal officers head the law departments of corporations, and as the crucial people, they get to have around $200,000 of annual average salary.

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  1. Judges

Being a judge may be one of the coolest jobs one may have, but also one of the most stressful and demanding. This is the reason why these people have the average annual salary of $156,250.

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  1. Members of Congress

Member of Congress work in changing laws for the betterment of an entire state or country, and the average annual salary for this position is $174,000.

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  1. Law School Professor

When you graduate from the law school, becoming a professor is also the option, so if teaching is your passion, make sure to take this into consideration. The average annual salary ranges from $113,691 to $242,500.

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  1. Litigation Support Director

Litigation support directors manage firm-wide litigation support activities, e-discovery initiatives, and technology resources. This is a very responsible job, and the average annual salary is $70,882.

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